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Come join us on Sunday morning as Pastor Ted Kostich leads our congregation to make a lifetime commitment to Christ our Lord. Can't make it to our Sunday service? Watch Pastor Ted's message by visiting our Connect page or going directly to the CBC Vimeo page.  We look forward to seeing you!


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While Cornerstone Baptist Church embraces the limitless potential of having a direct connection with its congregation and the community via social media, the Cornerstone staff is not responsible nor are they able to completely prevent inappropriate or offensive content from plaguing our pages when they are open to the public.  The Cornerstone Communications Committee is responsible for the website content and will try to police the content in these social media outlets to the best of our ability.  To successfully keep all content appropriate and inviting we need your help, our church members and other users, to immediately report any content that may be inappropriate or offensive.  We will work quickly to review the situation and correct it.  Your help allows us to use these great tools to spread God's Word even further.  Thank you!

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Couldn't make it to service? Would you like to revisit one of Pastor Ted's messages for your own personal growth? Maybe you would like to share it with someone else.  If so, we have made it very convenient for you to view all of Cornerstone Baptist Church's sermons here or at our Vimeo page.  Want to take some of them with you?  Don't worry, it is easy!  Just visit our Vimeo page, click on the video you want, and then click on the download button.  All video files are in MP4 format.

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